Hi Everyone,

We are Merly and Ken Moreno, joyfully married and blessed with 2 daughters, KM and KIM. We are from the
Philippines. We lived in Dubai for almost 10 years and are currently living in Prague, Czech Republic.

I’m working as an accountant and full-time employee for more than 3 decades now, my husband is working in

We love our jobs and we are very much thankful for all the years working. We’re gaining lots of knowledge
and making many friends from different parts of the world.

We all know that having employee’s salary is just enough to pay all the bills and most of the time it's not even
enough to cover monthly expenses.

For 3 years we have been praying and planning to establish a business that we could start while having a
full-time job that will enable us to do what we LOVE most, spending time with our kids, travel with a purpose,
to be a blessing to our family and to the people around us.

OUR BIG question is HOW to START?

One day while browsing on the internet, I came across a BUSINESS opportunity from a couple who were
also looking for a CHANGE in their life. I attended the NO-COST ONLINE WORKSHOP that they were

After watching, we took a leap of FAITH and ACTION.
I was surprised by the community that they have. The support and guidance step by step from people in all
walks of life around the world, their COACHING, and MENTORING really amazed me. The feeling of not
being alone in this BUSINESS gives me confidence every day.

NOW, we are an official OWNER of DIGITAL BUSINESS because we DECIDED and took ACTION.

REAL DECISION is when you’ve take an ACTION, if there is no ACTION, you haven’t truly DECIDED.

We are in FAITH from the time we ACT that the desires of our hearts to be BLESSED and to be a
BLESSING continually is not impossible.

We are excited to share with YOU this OPPORTUNITY that may come only ONCE. This may be YOUR 
OPPORTUNITY for the CHANGES that you are looking for.

The NO-COST ONLINE WORKSHOP will HELP and GUIDE you to establish and OWN a DIGITAL
BUSINESS that runs 24/7.

The 90% AUTOMATED system will work for you.

Ken and Merly
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Merly & Ken Moreno